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Yeah, there's not much to say. I'm just a pretty normal person with not really any special talents but I try. I'm currently in the process of writing a story and making a series of comics, which will all be uploaded to deviantart when completed.

::This just in:: I'm in love with Rainbow Dash, Cloudchaser, and Flandre Scarlet. Oh, and Anna Kendrick, but she's like /real life/ *scoffs*.


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Oh God...

Warning: Really stupid conversations will ensue. Also, Conversation 5 has quite a few F words xD

Also, I'm B. She's J.

And together that makes......!!!

JB, as in Justin Bieber. Gawd, what were you guys thinking?


Conversation 1:

J: Happy Leif Erickson day!! Hinger dinger dunger

B: Lol!

J: Lmao im not sure why I just thought of that xD

B: Is it from Spongebob?

J: Ya the episode where he makes bubble buddy

B: Lmao xD

J: And then bubble buddy has a son!


Conversation 2:

J: since im gonna be at the airport a good hour and a half before my flight leaves im gonna find something that's mlp:fim and im gonna bring it to you

B: LOL like what?

J: idk oh maybe they'll have like 2 little figurines and ill take pictures with them wherever I go in Cali and give you the pics with the figures

B: Omg yes! xD

J: Bahahaha ok im gonna find them!!

B: Haha sweet! Make it really obvious, like you walk in and ur likr "Oh, cool MLP. I love that shit!" and take a really obnoxious picture

J: Bahahahah ok and then I like start singing the theme song really loudly and off key

B: LMAO!! Omg that would be glorious

J: I'm totally gonna do it I hope we go to the pier because I would totally skip down it singing different mlp songs

B: That would be amazing if someone joined in

J: Oh gawd and we ended up having like an entire chain of people following us and singing

B: Lol! For some reason that reminded me of Forest Gump

J: The part with all the people running with him?!

B: Yes lol!!


Conversation 3:

J: i burnt my hand on hot water and immediately threw my hand into the sink of cold water and it splashed water.. EVERYWHERE

B: Lol oh noeezz xD

J: Lol don't worry the water is okay :D

B: Okay good, i was more worried about the water than your burnt hand xD

J: Hahaha yea I lost a finger or 2 but the waters okay


Conversation 4:

J: Guess what!!!!!!

B: What?!?!?

J: I magically turned into a drummer!!! Also I am a dinosaur

B: Omg what genie did you use?!?!

J: Oh you know the one with the face and the lamp

B: Oh, the gold one? Cuz i've heard the ones with silver lamps are kinda sketchy

J: Yeah girl it was gold and bejeweled with some purple diamond thangs

B: Oh dayum that sounds like a bitchin' genie. I want dat genie. Mines kinda perverted.

J: Oh girl is yo genie tyquanda roshel?!

B: Gurl! How did you know?!?

J: Guuurl shaynaynay had her last said she ran off with some bitch name bonquiqui


Conversation 5:

B: Holy fuck. Holy fuck. The light in my parents room just turned on. Holy fuck. There is no one here to turn them on except me

J: Holy fuck!!!!! Go investigate!

B: FUCK NO. Thats what those stupid bimbos do in horror movies right before they get brutally raped and murdered. (Actually, probably just murdered. But still.)

J: Lmao that's true xD ... omg you should name the ghost that turned the light on fredley

B: LOL okay. I think if there was a ghost, though, it'd be a girl

J: Its okay her name can be fredley too

B: Lol no thats a terrible name for a girl xD How about Ferris? Or Farrah. Like the charlies angel girl

J: Lol I like Farrah its an awesome ghost name

B: I know right?! Farrah the fucking ghost. She's classy, and cool, just like Sebastian.


Conversation 6:

B: I'm going to uphold my promise of having 2-am Skype calls once we're in college

J: Same here!!! I'll have to warn my roommate

B: The very first thing I'm going to say to my roommate is, "I just have to warn you beforehand, I tend to get a little hostile when I haven't had blood in a while."

J: Bahahahagaha what if they were like oh same here but with a completely straight face and then a slow creepy smile

B: Omg!! That would be the most perfect comeback ever and then, of course, I would be the one who's freaked out xD

J: XD omg I totally pictured that entire scene

B: Lmfao!! I can picture me trying to say my line and completely failing because I would begin cracking up

J: I pictured you like sleeping with one eye open and being all paranoid for the first like week

B: BAHAHAHAHA!! Omg, that is the greatest thing ever. In eternity. That would so happen too

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